Wednesday 23 January 2013

Money Smarter

As a parent I want to educate my children as much as possible on money spending and saving...So when I was given the opportunity to review Money Smarter  - A Family Guide.... I was keen to see what it could offer to my family....

And I wasn't disappointed..... A very easy use guide on how parents can be more Money Smarter and educate their children at the same time.... with each chapter dedicated to simple and effective ways of personal money management, From budgeting saving and dealing with debt...The book aims to be a money smarter tool which is used on a week by week basis for the whole family to enable confident money management and handle future finances.

I really loved the chapter....Needs and Wants....which looks at necessities and luxuries and variable Items, That we might be able to do without... which is something I often reflect on in my family life.

Each chapter has an dedicated activity which is suitable for under 10 yr olds or over 10 yr olds to encourage children involvement to gain an understanding of money and finances.

The Book also comes with an accompanying CD with has lots of entertaining games and activities for children of all age real experience in all areas of personal finances

I really like this practical guide as I can see that it would provide food for thought amongst my children and get them thinking in practical ways about money though activities and games.
I look forward to using this guide with my children and look forward to educating my children on becoming money smarter for now and the future.

For more Information check out BlackBullion - Money Smarter a family-Guide