The Attempt To A Healthier Lifestyle Continues

I was going ever so well...well sort of...on my quest to get fitter.....last week I managed two 30 min exercise routines which was fab.......As I had been building up to motivate myself for soooo long...but my boys were ill ...and the exercise routine went on hold.....

So I was glad to get back into the swing if things this week... I have already managed two cardio workouts so far this week... My diet however is still not as healthy as it could be.....Actually its no where near where it should be....but I'm trying!!!

I'm going to measure myself hips thighs ect Hoping I can slowly see changes as they eventually happen....But only if I lay off the cakes!!!!
So this weekend when I go shopping I wont be buying any naughty snacks....

I'm linking In with Kate's #WobblesWednesday..... Looking forward to reading everyone's achievements.


  1. Well done on doing some workouts xx

  2. well done on the exercise! i ought to get some DVD's to do at home

  3. Well done on the exercise.
    Good luck with the diet.

    I'd love you to link up with Motivational Monday please.

  4. Cool I will check it out x thanks


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