Monday 8 February 2016

Our Ideal Holiday #MarkWarnerMum


For us a our ideal Holiday is all about building bonds and new adventures, with our busy hectic lifestyle we are all like passing trains, often catching up with each other when we can, We all like fun adventures and exploring, So last year we headed on our first ever family holiday to Morocco, We had heard lots about the Atlas Mountains and the hustle and bustle of the markets, So it sound like the perfect adventure for us, We felt that the boys defiantly ready for their first family holiday adventure.


We have some amazing memories and defiantly want to create more, from our first ever aeroplane flight to hiking up the Atlas Mountain, it was quite steep in places and we found ourselves walking over small bridges and rocks with the river rushing beneath our feet, The boys loved scrambling up the side of the mountain to reach the waterfall, We took in the stunning views along the way, The further we hiked up we you could feel the density of the air change it was surreal.


Later that day we got to eat traditional Tagine by the edge of the Atlas Mountain and catch up with each other on what we had seen, Some amazing memories that we look back on fondly.


We learnt a lot about the Burbur people who lived in remote villages by the mountains, and even had the opportunity to be invited in a locals home to have some moroccan tea, it was humbling to see how different people live and was an experience that i will never forget.


Our Ideal holiday is that we are together having fun making new memories, it gives us a chance to re connect and recharge , We met some amazing people and best of all we all got the chance to explore a new place.

We love new adventures as well as building bonds and love nothing more then spending time quality time together, This is our entry to the #MarkWarnerMum Ambassador Programme,We are have chosen "Adventure Junkie" As we love new experiences and are excited at exploring new places and trying new things. For more information on Mark Warner and their Holiday packages go to Mark Warner