Monday 15 February 2016

Stikbot Studio - Review

stikbot studio

We has seen the Stikbot adverts on TV,So we were really excited to test Stikbots out for ourselves and create a fun animation, Stikbots are the first social media sharing toy where you can create your very own animation and share it with your friends.

stikbot studio animation -  box contents

We were really excited to get our hands on Stikbot Studio, Inside were two cool Stikbot characters and a handy mobile phone tripod.


Next we downloaded the Stikbot Studio App which has a host of cool features to help you create your awesome animation,from music and sounds to a library of  backdrops.


If you opt to use a the green screen option you can then add a background image from the library, But you will need to green screen to use this feature or like us you can opt for a large sheet of green paper or card.

We began to set out Stikbot scene, You need to be patient when completing your Stikbot movie as the more images you take the longer you animation will be. Now let us share our Stikbot Stunt animation with you.

We really had a great time getting creative and thinking up cool new moves, Stikbots are great fun, they bend and flex in every direction, We love the suction cups which are attached on the hands and feet of the Stikbots as they defiantly makes it easier to position the Stikbots.


We are really looking forward to creating more cool animations. Stikbot Studio is great for children and errrr......yes adults like me, I must say I really enjoyed getting involved just as much as the kids did, It was great to sit down and watch your hard work come together in a fun animation.And once you have created you awesome animation, you can simply share it with your firnds by uploading it to your preferred social network site. Stikbot prices start from £4.99 which makes them awesome pocket money toy's.

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