Tuesday 9 February 2016

Attempting to Shop Smartly

Shopping trolley

I must say a few years back i was the worst shopper ever, I would constantly buy things I just didn't need, my biggest downfall was food, On my way home from work whichever direction I choose to walk home, I would always pass a major supermarket, So I'd pop in and generally buy cream cakes, it got to the point I could feel those cake gathering around my stomach, And each time I checked my bank I was overspending excessively, I knew this had to stop. I began to take a good hard look at my spending habits and I wanted to be accountable for my spending. So I drew up some rules that I had to stick by and so far so good, So I thought it would be great to share these quick tips to help you become accountable for your spending habits.
shopping list

Plan - If you intend to go clothes shopping or you have a big purchases in mind, set your price tag limits and stick to them,

Credit Cards - Only use if you have the finances to pay them back at the end of the month, being in debt is no fun and can easily get out of hand.

Cash only - Shop with cash I tend to take out my money out of the bank so i only carry cash this way I can keep a tab on exactly what I'm spending.

Make lists - When you budget your weekly/monthly income set aside your maximum amount spend. The average food cost are around £80 per week for a family, But if you are super careful and selective you can properly do it for less.

Meal plan - I go grocery shopping every Saturday so my meal plan is runs from Saturday to Friday, Meal planning helps save on food waste, As you only buy what you need, I try to opt for at least one dish that we can eat more then once in that week eg Curry Dish or Hot Pot

Do I need it - Distinguish between your wants and your needs, We can easily justify that latest purchase, I know this because I've done it, BUT but the big question is do I really needs it.

Don't get drawn in - Supermarkets offer lots of buy one get one free items, but remember if it's not on your shopping list then don't buy it.

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