Monday 1 February 2016

Learning About Money

As a working mother of two boys. we have had lots of discussions about money. There was once was a time when my children used to see me going to the cash point they would say "can we have some" thinking that the cash point gave money for free. After lots of discussions about money both of my boys have a good understanding in regards to the purpose of money and how to be smart spenders and savers.They are aware that myself and mu husband work to earn my money which is used to pay bills and buy food. They are also aware that money needs to be saved to buy what we need.
I also encourage my children to give to charity to those who are less fortunate then ourselves.

I like to educate and help my children understand the value of money and the importance of saving often my children will come shopping with me and we talk about prices and costs of the items, they both love to help at the self service tills and pack my shopping...which is great for me.

I have also introduced pocket money and I'm encouraging my children to save up for something they really want rather then constantly spend,  now they have the responsibility to be in control of their money, they do not want to buy small items as they want to reach their saving goals.

My children are already forward thinking for the future, we often talk about learning and education and the reality of life that working to earn a living will be imperative, They now both are conscious with their pocket money "I'm going university" said my son so I can get a good job and buy two cars.

Children are never to young to learn about saving money its value and necessity in our lives for our future.

Here are my top tips for teaching children about money and savings

Play games and activities to introduce money...Role Play - Shopping/Post Office activities are a fantastic way to introduce money and talk about cost and prices.

Introduce pocket money and chores which will allow your children to relate working with earning their own money it gives a sense of achievement and new responsibilities.

Encourage your child to create and design their own piggy bank, Use empty Jars or Pots decoarte with colourful stickers...this is a fantastic way to introduce and encourage your child to save their money.

Help you child create a wish list or saving goals book... write down or draw items they wish to save for and how much each item costs.

Encourage your child to count their money to enable them to see how much they have saved so far, its also a fun activity which not only helps with counting skills its also a good way to show their saving achievements.

Take your child on a trip to the bank, Talk and discuss  the purpose of the Bank, Maybe re-create your own role play bank at home.

Talk to your child about you their savings - set aside a portion of  money for long term savings for their Bank Account and  encourage your child to set aside a portion of their money for short term spending as they may want to take keep some money for school trips or for snacks.

Introduce a wallet/purse to store pocket change for snacks/drinks.

Discuss with your children different ways we use money - Bank Cards and Credit Cards.

Take your children shopping talk about prices and how much the groceries cost.

Always discuss and share with your child the importance of saving for the future.