Thursday 25 February 2016

My Mothers Day Wish List

So mothers day is just around the corner and I'm already thinking what I should start hinting for, I normally ask for Jewellery, Although flowers and Chocolates are always very welcomed. I decided to put together my top wants for this mothers day.

Pandora - I adore Pandora and over the years I have accumulated a fair few bracelets and charms, But I'm always looking to add to my collection, I have been checking out the Pandora - Mothers Day Collection, I'm sure I can always find space for more.

Chocolates - Classic must haves for Mothers Day, I always need chocolate in my life, I can never say no to Chocolates, I saw these at my local Co-operative store for only £4 which is fantastic, Check out Co-Operative Food/Mothers Day.

Bags - Can never have enough right, I'm always looking to add to my bag collection, I really adore this cute bag from Saffron Tote Bag for only
£59.00 from Jones Bootmaker

Flowers - There's nothing quite like some fresh flowers to brighten Mothers Day, I could spend hours admiring their beauty and smell, Defiantly a must have.

Boots - I've always wanted a pair of brogues, So I really love the styling of these Lori Ankle Boots, Smart yet casual and reasonably priced at £60.00 from Jones Bootmaker,  Jones Bootmaker currently have a sale so it's defiantly worth checking out:

Elizabeth Arden - This is a must have for mums everywhere, I adore Elisabeth Arden Eight Hour Oil only £29  available from most large retailers, It's my new must-have beauty product, Read more about it here Elizabeth Arden - All Over Miracle Oil.