Tuesday 16 February 2016

Shoe Shopping For The Kids

Whilst we were out today i noticed that my sons boots had became quite bashed up, So this half term we will go shoe shopping, I tend to like boots especially for this cold weather but i know my son prefers trainers for comfort and running around at school, So i guess we will have to come to some sort of compromise, Before we head to the shops i always tend to do i quick online search to check and see whats around and where we might head to, this saves on time, although i often order online simply to save time and for quickness.

Brantano - Skittles
Trekky 2 Sale £12.00

Brantano Blox

Tennis Classic

There is such a huge selection to choose from, So i have narrowed down a few pairs that i like some of course some are more expensive then others, although as much as i like them they probably will not last with my son. My I quite like the Trekky 2 boots from Brantano Shoes as they look sturdy and are perfect for this weather, best of all they are on sale. Also you may be interested to know that Brantano have a buy one get one half price offer on, so its defiantly worth a look - here's the link:.Brantano/Buy One Get One Half Price

Sharing my shoe wish list.