Sunday 7 February 2016

Our Netflix Night In

We were delighted to join in with Netfix night in, We headed for the family movies selection to see what we could watch.

With so many movies, it was hard to choose, I wanted to watch a Disney movie whilst my boys wanted something with a little bit more action, After a compromise we settled for A spy Next Door - A cool action family movie - Whilst babysitting an undercover agent is thrown back into the world of a top secret adventure, when a secret file is accidentally downloaded.

Netflix Logo

We have seen the film quite a long time ago, so it was great to watch it again, I always find you miss little parts of the film first time around, so it was great to re-watch. A superb Netflix Night in, Great movie and tasty popcorn, All whilst being cosy under our Netflix blanket what more could we possibly ask for.

Netflix have lots of new titles every month, Here are some top picks.

Spice World - Available on the 10th February  - The 90's classic, The world famous Spice Girls tour London in their union flag double decker bus causing trouble and performing classic songs on route.

Enchanted - Available on Netflix on the 26th February - A princes who is prepared to wed is sent away to New York by an evil queen, Where she falls in love with a lawyer.

Muppet's Most Wanted - Available on Netflix on 25th February - Whilst on tour the Muppet's find themselves wrapped up into an european jewel heist headed by Kermit the frog lookalike.

Thank you Netflix for our fab night in, If you would like to know more about Netflix and their  movies selection then check out Netflix