Friday 26 February 2016

Word Of The Week


It's been the first week back after the half term, Back to the routine and work, I really had an amazing rare time off with the kids, So when the reality of the week hit, it really knocked the stuffing out of me. When I was off last week I didn't drink hardly any water or take my daily vitamins, so I don't think this helped, Usually when  I'm at work I go through a couple of litres a day,

It's funny how I'm more on top of things when I'm working  and busy, I guess it because I have to be or nothing would get done. I'm still setting my daily goals and working through my daily to do lists this really helps me stay on track. I really looking forward to the weekend still loads to do but at least it'll be a slower pace, Well I say that but lets see, At least I can have a few cuppa's and hopefully I'll get a little rest before next week.

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