Saturday 27 February 2016

Crayola Adult Colouring

Crayola Adult Colouring Book

I must admit I love coloruing in, It has been known that I've asked my kids if they need me to assist them, there is defiantly something very relaxing about colouring in. My son had purchased an adult colouring book some time ago (He loves colouring in) so I know how amazing and addictive adult colouring books can be.

Crayloa is a very well know brand that we have grown up with, and as it Crayola's 100th anniversary Crayola has launched its very own Adult colouring range of books and stationary, So I was delighted to finally get my hands on my very own set.

Crayola Adult Colouring Book

Crayola colouring book is full of amazing intricate designs and patterns which are designed by artists at Hallmark, Flicking through the pages I couldn't wait to get started, best of all I had these amazing Crayola Fine Markers and Crayola Pencils to help.

Crayola Adult Colouring Book

I was amazed to learn that adults colouring books continue to dominate the best selling booklist 2015, and it still continue to draw in adults as the trend continues.

Crayola Adult Colouring pens and pencils

Taking some time out of my day to sit and relax was relaxing and therapeutic, it was great to have some chill out time to de-stress, But my son has caught sight to my book so I'm sure he will want to share.

Crayola Adult Colouring Books are available from RRP £9.99
50 Pack of Pencils £11.49
12 Delicate Fine Line Markers RRP £4.99

Available form all good Bookstores and Major Stationery Shops, For more information Vivid Toys And Games/Crayola

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