Saturday 23 February 2013

Our Half Term

It's the last weekend of half term and though I have been at work .... It's been a very relaxed week... No rushing around and the boys had a fab time being looked after by their grandma...

Having Fun With The Skylanders Homework Pack.

They had lots of half term fun from making up their own imaginative Skylanders game with their skylanders cards.....To enjoying their Skylanders Half Term Homework Bag....which was full of fun things to be honest they have a huge Skylander fix at the moment and if their not playing Skylanders video game....They are drawing them or making up Skylanders games.
My Boys Making up Their Own Skylanders Game - Using Skylanders Cards and Cars.
Drawing Of Bouncer.
And on our weekend trip to the supermarket the boy's purchased with their new Skylanders character.......
Saving Hard paid off when they Purchased another Skylander Character

Along with fun filed days of table tennis and movie nights and a trip to a movie preview.....This has left my boy's with a fun  memorable Half Term.

So I hope you all had a wonderful productive half term.