Monday 4 February 2013

Parcels for me - Sponsored Post

Admit it We all like to receive a parcel though the post.....there's nothing nicer especially.... when it's a lovely treat (for me) really makes my day when I receive a package.
The excitement of guessing whats inside and opening the a feeling that I relish.

I'm an online shopper I cant bear all those queues and all that hustle and bustle of high street shopping. So mostly I shop online for almost everything .....But food ...I shop for all my families personal and essential needs..
I find it so much easier to have my personal shopping items delivered directly to me or and more recently I have opted to use my work address ....As I missed a few parcels recently....which was fine as I was left a card and my items was left at the depot.....I choose to collect rather the opt of re delivery as I knew the items I was expecting were light home-ware items they were not to heavy to carry...if so I would have defiantly opted for now just for convenience I now redirect a lot of my deliveries to my work address where I'm most of the time... I like to be able to track my package so I have an idea when its on it way...that way I can keep my eye open to its arrival ......And have a sneak peek..during my working I have have to admit I'm a little inpatient at waiting...

I recently received a Video Game that my children had saved for using their pocket money...which was a joy for them to receive as they had saved so hard and really appreciated boys couldn't wait and wanted it before the weekend.... so I requested next day delivery as it was much more convenient and came on the friday ....  So now my boys get excited when I get a parcel hoping that there is something inside for them...Even when its not.... they still want me to open it up so they can see whats inside... and more often then not disappear with the box or bubble wrap packaging to play with.

I use various websites and Online Market Places to buy items from.... that offer next day delivery service which I tend to prefer I can track my parcel with the delivery tracking that way I know my item will arrive safely and on the expected delivery date.

As I like to shop and receive my parcels via delivery I also find it convenient to send items via Parcelforce.....As I know that the package has been delivered due to the tracking information that I can obtain online which is fantastic.....What I like about Parcelforce is that I can pop online and get a instant quote in seconds which is great.

Parcelforce offers some fantastic services from  Next Day Delivery and courier services to Express Delivery and Worldwide Delivery Services.....
You can get an instant quote online and choose the best service suited for you delivery needs for more information visit Parcelforce

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