Twisted Tales - Book Review

We as a family love to read and we delighted to receive some amazing book to review courtesy of My Little Big Town....
We read the amazing short stories every evening together snuggled up on the sofa....Giggling and at the spooky twisted tales...

Stuart The Bug Eating Man by Calvin Innes - A Tiny Twisted TaleStuart The Bug Eating Man is about a man with an unusual taste for all things creepy and crawly. He likes nothing better than munching on a centipede sandwich or guzzling down a tall frosty glass of liquidized slug. Unfortunately his family don’t share his taste in snacks.

Pale Henry by Calvin Innes - A Tiny Twisted TalePale Henry is the story of a young boy who has spent his whole life hidden away in his attic, afraid to go outside to play with the other children. He spends all day staring longingly from his attic window, dreaming of playing in the sun with the local boys and girls.
Jenny by Calvin Innes - A Tiny Twisted TaleA wonderfully gruesome and funny story of a little girl called Jenny. Jenny is not like other little girls... she is in fact a werewolf hunting eight year old! Another Tiny Twisted Tale by Calvin Innes.

These were amazing collection of  book spooky scary and  fun short stories with a boys loved them they had so much fun listening to these amazing stories each only fantastically brilliant...we ooood and we squirmed and giggled...great fun...I'm sure we we will read again and again....
We have now just started another fab book -
Gorgeous George and the Giant Geriatric Generator by Stuart Reid
Gorgeous George and the Giant Geriatric Generator begins when George witnesses something rather disturbing from his bedroom window late one night. Maybe it was a UFO or a ghostly apparition, or maybe it's even more sinister. Whatever it was, nobody believes him. People are disappearing fast and no one seems to care.
We are really looking forward to this story it sounds amazing....the boys cant wait.....
For more information on this range of amazing books please check out My Little Big Town

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