Tuesday 26 February 2013

Keep It Kind - Review

As I watch my boys growing up I often wonder where the time has gone....They are changing so quickly and are so much more aware of there physical appearance and personal hygiene.
My boys will often watch their dad get ready.... So like dad they want to do their hair and wear deodorant and smell nice just like their dad.

So it was great to sample the Keep It Kind Kid's Deodorant Range which has roll on
Fresh Kidz deodorant for children aged 8+ and Deodorant Spray Blast for boy's and Missy for girls aged 11+ .
The great thing about Keep It Kind is that it contains no parabens or alcohol ...which means is sensitive and gentle on my boys skin ...and as a parent this is extremely important to me.

The roll on's were great and are fragrance free...... My boys have loved using the roll on deodorants ....keeping them fresh and feeling grown up instilling good hygiene habits for the future..

What I like about the Blast - Boys deodorant is its delicate smell......yet very fresh an amazing scent...my husband even liked it so much so he had a spray....(cheeky Dad)
My Boy's are really pleased with their Keep It Kind Deodorants  
Please note - I dispensed the Blast Spray for my boys...as it is not suitable for children under 11+

Keep It Kind is available in most Boots Stores....Also check out the Keep It Kind Facebook Page

I was given the deodorant for review purposes all views and opinions are that of my own and I remain honest in my review.