Tuesday 5 February 2013

Two Babies in one year

I always knew I wanted to have children, and like most women as the years ticked by I knew I was absolutely ready… I had been working with children for years and had loads of experience in dealing with children, so it only felt natural for me to want to start a family. I had been with my husband for many years and we decided together that it was “time”. We were both 26 and ready to embark upon parenthood….

Like many women, I thought it would happen straight away so I was a little disappointed when I didn’t fall pregnant within the first few months. As the months passed I became frustrated that I wasn’t falling pregnant it seemed to be taking an eternity! I was so ready. I had read loads on what to expect when being pregnant and had magazines everywhere, but no sign of pregnancy.

After a very long 18 months I finally fell pregnant and we were over the moon!

I was so excited. Most of my baby items were purchased before I was even six months pregnant- from the pram, clothes and blankets to nappies! I also wanted to know the sex of my baby so that I could be more prepared. We were having a boy. I named him Zakariyya and he entered the world after an 18 long hours in labour, helped along with Pethidine to ease the pain, in January 2005.

It was an experience that I will never forget . I felt so blessed and finally had my long awaited for family. Like most mothers it was all new and and no matter how many magazines you read nothing can truly prepare you in becoming a mother. But we were happy and no matter how many sleepless night we went though, this is what we wanted. We were so absorbed in our new life and my son was only two months old when I found out I was pregnant again! I honestly can’t say that I was sad or disappointed in any way…

I was elated that I was blessed yet again! It was an amazing feeling, so much so that I didn’t feel daunted or worried about how I would cope. I had great support from my husband and my mum, who assured me I would be fine. It felt right. I must say the pregnancy whizzed past and I didn’t get to enjoy it as much as I would have liked because I was so busy still being a new first time mum and preparing for going back to work.

My second son, Hamzah, was born in December 2005 of the same year. The labour was a lot shorter, but strangely a whole lot more painful….I remember that I couldn’t wait to get home and introduce Zak to his little brother! I have never looked back from that day. My boys have always been close and I love the fact they are so close in age- they have a wonderful brotherly bond.

I already had my eldest son Zak in a very good established routine, so when Hamzah was born he just slotted in. This definitely helped- I doubt I would have coped so well without the routine. I even gave my mum a print out or Food/Nap times for my boys when I went back to work!

I coped, of course, but like most new mums I had good and bad days. The hardest thing I remember was going out as I needed so many baby bits, plus a double pram to contend with, which was a bit of a struggle. But I managed somehow and now I look back on my difficulties and struggles with affection. Nothing can over shadow the fact that two babies in one year is the best thing that could have happened to us.