Reasons To Be Cheerful

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart
It's been another tiring week and took all my energy to get out of bed this morning I'm craving for the slower pace of the weekend and it half term for us next week....although I will be working
:-( ..... I'm really going to miss not being with my boys...I'm starting to think I need a term time only job now...

My reasons to be cheerful this week are.....

My son is much better now (he had a viral infection and was laid up for days) so its nice to see him back to his normal self.

I had a really nice evening with hubby the other night we snuggled up and watched a DVD at home it was really nice for us ... As we are always so busy with work and often pass each other by like moving trains.

It's almost Saturday..... just want to chill out with the boys and make some pancakes....

What are you're reasons to be cheerful .....pop over to Seasider in the city who will be hosting the blog hop for the next few weeks.


  1. Lovely reasons. Glad your son is feeling better. x

  2. glad your little one is feeling better...oooh pancakes sounds yummy, have a lovely weekend xx

  3. glad you son is feeling much better, I hope you get some calm time of the weekend with your family :-)x

  4. Glad to hear your son is feeling better and yay for a lovely evening with the hubby :) xx

  5. Pleased to hear your son is better and that you've been able to enjoy some quality time with your husband x

  6. Glad that your poorly boy is better :) Lovely reason x

  7. enjoy your sofa time and the weekend

  8. Oh yummy, pancakes always makes things feel much better :0) I can imagine how difficult it must have been for you when your son was poorly, my son has had a fever since Monday on and off and I was near losing my mind. Enjoy what's left of your weekend.


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