Wednesday 27 February 2013


I'm on antibiotics as I have sinus infection and to top it off a sore throat and generally feeling unwell..and a bit rubbish...but no time to stop rest and recuperate there's always soooo much to be done as a mother....Don't get me wrong I know how lucky I'am .....It's an infection and will pass I'm aware there are other mothers who have long term illnesses....I can't even begin to imagine how they cope. I also have a fantastic supportive hubby and guess no room to complain.

But this infection is driving me mad...I'm off of work because I'm ill and feel so conscious that I will hit my 5 day trigger sickness at work (no more then 5 days illness in rolling year) if you are you then get sent to occupational health....and can get a informal meeting/letter and go into sickness procedure route....if your ill health continues it will go formal...more letters and warnings...So no pressure then.
No one wants to be ill.....but the council take these drastic measures as to deal with those who take sick for no reasons.....But its no help to me as being ill is unpredictable and id rather not be....

As a working mum I normally go work when generally under the weather.....but sometimes I have to listen to my body and try and stop....not that I feel any better about not going in work.....rather pressured for being off ill.

The life if a's not easy way to many balls to juggle.....blink and you'll miss a ball and get conked on the head.