Nothing Like a Good Ole Moan

Don't get me wrong...I'm a very happy person not much can get me down or bother me to much...
I live life each day.. embracing and enjoying all that I can with my loved ones....But I do love a good moan..nothing to deep...but having a moan distresses me and makes me feel better...
It can be anything from mothers meeting gathering... hogging up the playground or stairwells.....and I'm in a rush to get to work and have to dodge around them - "cant they go anywhere else" why do they have to stand there ..
A few weeks ago I nearly got my eye pocked out by a ladies umbrella...I had a very good moan then and told her to be careful cos she nearly took my eye out....From putting the world to rights ....anything goes...
I well known to love a moan especially amongst my family...But its lighthearted a I guess fun to who ever want to listen...I refuse to hold in my emotions and believe sharing your feelings..... is a positive my life is very hectic and I'm on the go soooooo much I always have plenty to say....Do you love a moan...tell me I'm not the only one...who has so much to say....I'm sure with all our crazy life's its a matter of survival ..maybe there's another way...but its outwards not inwards for me....even if it means having a moan...healthy moaning in moderation is all good in my world.

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