Wednesday 13 February 2013

Wobbles All Round

Oooooh dear I haven't joined in #wobbleswednesday for a couple of weeks because I was having a major wobble .... Prior to that I was doing ever so well exercising up two three times in a week..,,but my son got sick twice (with viral infections) and from there it went down hill.....back on the cakes and junk .... Feasting on which ever my eyes saw.....Today I had a 12 inch subway then a current bun.... and it was lush....but I'm not keeping fit and healthy carrying on like this!!!..As I walked to work I felt very sluggish and heavy which is a sign of my bad eating habits and way to many carbs (which are my fav) I'm going to re start again.....I just need to select a day to begin my healthier lifestyle ..... But at the moment I have no motivation ... Lets hope it comes very soon.

Linking in with The naked mum for #wobblewednesday