Strawberry & Honey Tartlet - Recipe

When Greek God's set a challenge to come up with a recipe "an original love inspired recipe for two" using Greek Gods yogurt...... I couldn't wait up take part.

I opted for the Strawberry & Honey Greek-Style Yogurt....And I want disappointed so much so that me and my son ate half of the yogurt.... and I still hadn't made my recipe...but after all that yummy yogurt I finally made my desert.

Strawberry & Honey Tart

Ready made tartlets- or you can make a tartlet yourself using ready roll pasty

Chocolate sauce or melted chocolate for drizzling

A tub if Greek Gods Strawberry & Honey Yogurt

Fresh strawberries

I opted for ready made tartlets for convenience as I an wanted instant pudding...I add a few spoons of the yogurt into the tartlets and drizzle with chocolate....Arrange tartlet on plate with fresh strawberries.....
Great for dipping and sharing.

This was a tasty pudding quick simple yet extremely tasty.


  1. This looks amazing! We ate lots of our yogurt too before we had even started on the recipe - it is seriously yummy. Just need to get a move on with writing it up as i haven't done it yet. x

  2. mmm looks yummy and so simple to whip up


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